See You Next Tuesday?

I just got my very first eReader. It’s a Kindle. It arrived at my office in the mail a day early. I was in the weeds at work, but I paused long enough to plug it in so it would be charged by the time I got my first chance to really be alone with it. There was something I wanted to try.

So, I waded through the rest of my day and managed (yay!) to only go waist-deep before hitting shore. Winding everything down for the evening, gathering my things, answering the last few emails, I reached for my Kindle. The light was green. Oh, and the screen had a picture on it. A stylish word scramble? How appropriate!

Or…not? I’m a fan of word games, but come on

I’ll buy a pint for the person who gets the most words out of this image. The first person within a reasonable proximity who can get their own ass to my local, that is. If I don’t personally know you, in lieu of a sit-down pint, I will send you a free copy of my first novel. (Coming to Amazon June 1, 2012! I told you there was something I wanted to try with my new Kindle.)

You have until Tuesday, March 6, 2012 to submit your answers in the comments section on this post. The winner will be declared shortly afterwards.