Contact 2012 – Norman Felix Gallery

Last night, I went to the opening of one of this year’s Contact exhibits that included my wonderfully talented cover artist, Matthew Marigold. Matthew was exhibiting with a number of other artists, some of whom I had the chance to meet, at the Norman Felix Gallery at Queen and Bathurst. It was a superb evening.

Rather than gab on and on about it, I’ll just show you the pictures – please note that my photography does *not* do justice to the beauty of the pieces.

Hobnobbing at the Norman Felix Gallery’s Contact 2012 exhibit.

The work of Matthew Marigold

Again, my amateur photography does not do the work justice. If you’re thinking it looks 3D, you’re right. Matthew’s work includes gorgeous photographs of flower arrangements with actual dried flowers superimposed and held in place with resin.

Myself and the artist on the red carpet. Tons of fun.

One of the other exhibiting photographers, Roger Guetta. His work is gorgeous *and* he’s a great guy.

Roger looking cool.

Andrew Pistagnesi

Andrew Pistagnesi, another talented and fun-loving photographer, with his work, “The Old” and “The New”.