How the Enchilada Got Her Lid

Gather round, children. It’s time for another Enchilada story…

You may recall the anecdote about the squirrel who occupied the Enchilada for a week while my man and I froze our soggy butts off in the wilderness. You may further recall that said squirrel gained access to its vacation home through a small tear in the ragtop. It was a tight fit, but the squirrel remedied the problem by making the hole bigger. Resourceful little asshole.

This is when duct tape entered the Enchilada’s life.

I will never forget the day my man came home with silver duct tape that was 12 inches wide. I can say with only a little exaggeration that I have never seen him happier. Winter was coming and he was over being cold and wet in his car. By this time, she had lost all four hubcaps and was sporting an impressive collection of dings. The most impressive of all came from being pinned in by two police cars on the day she was stolen. I was pregnant and we had been doing groceries–

But that’s another story.

The silver duct tape roof got us through a couple of winters. And then I found something on the internet that I couldn’t put out of my mind.

Two over, two under. Easy peasy.

I outlined my idea to my BFF and we were off to the races…

Thirty-two rolls of black and white duct tape. I really wanted black and purple or lime green, but I wasn’t the one who had to drive the car and I really wanted to live another day.

Recipe for stupid shit: two crazy women, one sunny day, 32 rolls of duct tape, a case of beer and eight hours with nothing better to do. Toss and serve.

I repeat: thirty-two (32?!) rolls of duct tape.

Almost houndstooth art car.


1 Comment

  1. Liz said,

    May 16, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    LMAO!!!!! Yes, it was time for this story…..

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