I’m Baa-aack…

Hey there! It’s been a long while since I updated my blog. When that whole life-work balance gets out of alignment, something’s gotta give. But now I’m back, invigorated and committed to putting more time and energy into my creative life.

What’s been keeping me away, you ask?

That requires a multi-level answer that will take more than one blog post. Rather than starting at the beginning, I’ll just tell you about my favourite distraction from blogging:

I got married last month in San Pedro, Belize!

It was beautiful, and short and sweet. I designed and made my own silk dress, the groom wore a white linen shirt and pants, and our 4-year-old son was a pirate. It was his job to dig up the buried treasure chest with the rings.

Planning a destination wedding is no small task. We did our best to simplify the logistics (mainly by not inviting anyone except our parents), but it was still a monumental undertaking to book the rooms, the ceremony, the photographer, the flights and excursions that were suitable for a 4-year-old and 82-year-old amidst the regular stresses of life.

Then there was designing and sewing my own wedding gown…

The original design

Drafting the pattern (this is the bodice back)



The final product. Notice that a lot of the details from the original design were abandoned. Sometimes simple really is best.

Our little family


1 Comment

  1. Judy Whitham said,

    January 27, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    Karen, you are absolutely beautiful. Your dress is stunning and you are gorgeous. Wow. I am impressed and always inspired by you. You are a truly beautiful woman. Peace and love, Judy

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